Enterprise/Borderless Solutions

Enterprise/Borderless Solutions

  • Converged network (Data, Voice and Video)

  • Network Design and Implementation

  • Network Security

  • Advanced Routing and Switching

In order for organizations to sustain their competitiveness in today’s dynamic business terrain, organizations must have networks that are constantly available, secured, and redundant with full inbuilt capacity to scale in order to improve efficiency and profitability.
southgateSouthgate Technologies Limited understands the great impact network failures can have on an organization’s efficiency and profitability and as such, we have developed capacities and competences around the Borderless network solutions which gives us an edge to offer superior solutions that takes care of the design, implementation, management and support of network infrastructure which is sure to guarantee our customers high Returns on their Investments.
Our Borderless Network solutions are designed around industry leading OEMs which guarantees our customers access to up to date and superior technology. Borderless Networks technology solutions allow “anyone, anywhere, anytime, and on any device” to connect to an organization’s network.
Our Borderless Network Solution/Product offerings include:

Data Center Solutions

  • Storage, Server Consolidation and Virtualization

  • Unified Computing Systems (UCS)

  • Pure Power Solutions

  • Access Control, Fire Detection and suppression

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

Data Centre is an aspect of Network and Infrastructure Solution, Data Centre and the network it supports forms the backbone of your enterprise. If there’s a problem with the Network and Infrastructure to your data Centre, every part of your enterprise can be impacted. southgate
 Organizations today realize the importance of a robust and flexible network infrastructure that enables high performance and operational success. It’s not easy managing an infrastructure with high support costs, limited technology resources, and countless security threats. That’s why Southgate offers a range of infrastructure solutions which provide complete life-cycle support for your information technology environment.
Southgate supply the people, processes, tools and technology to assure you an effective, reliable, flexible and secure network environment that supports your business needs. It’s crucial for all systems to have a design capable of supporting both current needs and future growth. So we take the time to ensure that all of our Advanced Infrastructure Solutions are developed to be flexible, scalable network environments.
 Whether you need a new network, or want to optimize or expand a network that you have, Southgate offers experienced subject matter experts with best practices methodology to assist you in reaching your productivity, performance, and security goals.
Our professionals can help you to choose the right hardware, create an effective architecture, and implement the best operational plan to suit your specific needs, while meeting regulatory requirements and budgetary guidelines.
Data Centre encompass among all, some of the Solutions below:
With today’s IT challenges in areas of availability and disaster recovery, we lead the way in providing high availability, disaster recovery, no-risk migration and cross-platform data sharing. Whether you need an easier, more reliable disaster recovery solution, want to manage and share data seamlessly between platforms and databases, need a better way to maintain system efficiency, or you need a comprehensive high availability solution for assured 24/7 operations, our solutions have what you’re looking for – including your physical environments, your virtual environments, as well as the cloud. We provide solutions for High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Cross-platform data sharing for Windows®, Linux®, AIX® and IBM® i.
Archiving and eDiscovery are critical components of a holistic information governance strategy. Specifically, these tasks can be completed by leveraging software that helps users establish policies to classify and retain electronically stored information and search that information to efficiently identify relevant content in response to litigation or an investigation, and also reduce the amount of data/messages stored on mail server or mail storage by de-duplicating, filtering and removing these data to a centralized vault store.
Use an archive platform to centrally store, manage, and discover information from Exchange, Domino, SharePoint, file servers and other sources across your data center. Our solution can be deployed on-premise, hosted, or as a managed service to provide comprehensive 24×7 monitoring & management of your archiving environment under strict SLAs, allowing you to focus on your core business priorities while retaining ownership of your archiving technology. Meet internal and regulatory requirements at manageable costs as well as reducing your storage cost by engaging our archiving technologies.
The network is changing—rapidly, relentlessly, irreversibly. New technologies, like virtualization, cloud, and wireless, all are adding complexity and boosting traffic volumes. These advances, along with pressure on IT for long-term efficiency, mean that network management must change as well to keep up with the networks they’re managing. Without regular evaluation of your network management solution, you risk having blind spots (such as virtual devices) or restraining the use of advanced technologies that can better support your business.
At Southgate, we know that it’s easier to manage a complex enterprise using a single product than multiple ones. With pressure on IT for long-term operational efficiency, we offers an all-in-one network management and monitoring solution that lets you get the job done while reducing personnel time and ensuring outstanding coverage and performance at a lower total cost of ownership. Our solution is integrated, scalable, and supports a heterogeneous device environment that makes the network simpler to operate so that you focus your resources on innovation, where it belongs.
Our all-in-one network management and monitoring solution provides everything you need to manage your network for peak efficiency, including:
  • Auto Inventory
  • Live Topology 
  • Root Cause and Performance Analysis
  • Integrated Flow
  • Configuration Management
  • Extensive Reporting/Dashboards
  • Seamless Scalability
  • Integrated Virtual/Physical Management
Many of today’s organizations have a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) or a collection of data repositories and management tools; however, they are frequently a conglomeration of information from a range of federated sources.   Multiple repositories and integration points present challenges such as:
  • Unreliable and inaccurate data
  • Overheads associated with creating and maintaining integration points
  • Maintenance of multiple technology platforms
  • High risk of unsuccessful change activities
  • Lengthy incident and problem resolution times
  • No ownership or accountability
  • No understanding of Total Cost of Ownership
  • Failed implementations of CMDB
  • Multiple Reporting tools with the inability to create meaningful, collective reports across all repository information
  • Difficulty to effectively manage change
Our IT Management Suite is built on a robust Management Platform which contains the following solutions in a single suite:
  • Client Management Suite
  • Server Management Suite
  • Asset Management Solution
  • Mobile Management Solution
  • Workflow
  • Service Desk
IT management solution will reduce the cost of owning and managing IT assets, increase operational efficiencies, establish the foundation for future growth, and align IT with business priorities.
  • Reduce total cost of owning corporate IT assets.
  • Increase visibility into and control over IT resources.
  • Avoid over- and under- buying of hardware and software
  • Implement standardization and consolidation
  • Automate manual processes for improved service delivery
Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) enable organizations to effectively, efficiently and productively take control of the vast information that reside in large volumes of paper documents.
We provide reliable end-to-end document management solutions covering Digitization, Achieving, Retrieval, Distribution and Security. We convert large volume paper documents and records into electronic format for easy storage, accessing and retrieval and security using Scanners and software from world leading brands like HP, Kodak, Fujitsu and Panasonic. You may own your hard and software or outsource the whole solution process to our capable hands.