Software & Applications Unit

Our DLP solution protects confidential data from loss and theft. It discovers, monitor, protects and manages your confidential data wherever it’s stored and used – across endpoints, mobile devices, network and storage systems.

Our ATM Security pack ensures the ATMs operating system hardening, application and device control, HID/HIP, stops zero-day attacks shield the systems from targeted attacks and ultimately enables prevention of cyber-attacks on ATMs.

Our solution delivers the performance, automation, and manageability necessary to protect both physical and virtualized deployments at scale – where thousands of VMs and petabytes of data are the norm today, and where software-defined data centers and IT-as-a-service become the norm tomorrow.

Mobile Device Management solution by Southgate Technologies Limited gives our customers the flexibility to secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices – typically involving remote distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.

This solution enables organizations to efficiently store, effectively manage, and easily discover and retrieve unstructured information as needed for business. It helps customers deduplicate information at the source to reduce operational costs, manage organization-wide retention and information governance policies, and control the costs of compliance and litigation support.

This solution ensures tight protection for desktops, laptops and other endpoint systems. It is crucial for maintaining user productivity and preventing hackers from gaining access to network and enterprise data. It has a Centralized management platform and enforce compliance with security policies across PCs, servers, tablets and smartphones from a single console with simplified configuration and patch management.

This solution brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and extensible compliance reporting.

Security is becoming more and more established in the corporate structure—it is no longer acceptable for security to be a secondary function of an IT department. To address this challenge, organizations are investing in the development of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) to provide increased security and rapid response to events throughout their networks. We build and manage SOCs for our customers.

This helps in virtualizing and consolidating of servers, networking, storage and security, at your own pace. Enables provisioning in minutes and completes the private cloud with automated management. We give our customers choice which allows them to select what’s right for your environment (hypervisor, storage, backup software, networking, etc.) today without fear of tomorrow

Our High Availability solutions enables our customers to capture changes to data, applications and critical system objects in real time and replicate them to alternate (backup) servers. More importantly, they enable controlled, non-intrusive switching and fast, reliable failover to meet any contingency. Scalable, application independent and ready for virtualized and clustered environments.

Anti-Fraud solutions from Southgate Technologies Limited offers our financial institutions customers a comprehensive scope of protection against losses and damages caused by fraud and financial crimes. Financial institutions are increasingly faced with more sophisticated fraud methods and a growing push for Anti-Fraud regulations and legislature, derived by high profile cases, which have caused tremendous reputational damage and in some cases have even brought down some of the most profound financial institutions of our time.

This solution can help embed financial and operational controls into your business processes and automate your GRC programs from risk management to compliance reporting for better risk prevention, reduced compliance costs, and elevated performance.

Our enterprise license management solutions enable our customers to effectively and efficiently manage their licenses.

We offer solutions ranging from messaging, collaboration, business desktop deployment (BDD), Domain services and enterprise server deployment powered by Microsoft technologies.